How To Learn Freelance Technology With Little To Next To No Money
Written by Katy Win 'The Mind Skin Coach' on July 10th 2022

Free/Inexpensive Courses/Subscriptions To Learn The Whole of Backend & Frontend Web Development, Basic Blockchain, Cybersecurity
Information Correct @ 15/08/21

Free/ Low cost Full Stack Developer courses:

Free/ Low Cost Cybersecurity:

Potential places to learn Military Defence and Cybersecurity ££ (free to learn military grade cybersecurity, pay 10% courses fees/mth back when working)

Free/Low cost Blockchain courses

Nanodegrees @ UDACITY in all 3. 
State you have a low income and are unemployed to get 75% off. Courses could be done quicker and in 1 month potentially so on option would be to pay monthly with 75% off and cancel subscription once completed.

Examples of Bootcamps

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